BCS Today

Even though soil testing is the foundation of our philosophy and business, we have grown into a full Service retail operation with four locations.

Our services are as follows:




Seed Treatment

While offering a variety of treatment options, we also have our own proprietary seed treatment.  Virile F, Virile FI, and Virile Complete are produced to  achieve optimal results for a spectrum of protection.  Our seed treatment facility and bulk seed bins are at our Arrowsmith location.  We allow seed to be shipped directly to us, purchased from us or elsewhere, and offer a variety of packaging options for pickup or delivery once treated.




Retail, direct delivery, and terminal pricing is available.  

Nitrogen Products Macronutrients Secondary Nutrients Micronutrients
28% (28-0-0) MAP (11-52-0) 90% Elemental Sulfur Zinc Sulfate
32% (32-0-0) DAP (18-46-0) Dolomite Lime Manganese Sulfate
10-34-0 Potash (0-0-60) Calcium Lime Boron
Ammonium Thiosulfate Rock Phosphate Gypsum Copper Sulfate
ESN (44-0-0) Potassium Sulfate    
Urea (46-0-0)      



Our goal is to provide a multitude of chemistry and manufacturer options.  We realize that not one farming operation is the same, and our variety of services should reflect that.  During pre-pay season, we show our grower's program options from all the following manufacturers.  Along with name brands, we also include generic options.  This is our best way to show the customer their options and help create the best plan regardless if your main concern is manufacturer support or lowering input costs.








Cover Crop Sales & Seeding + Organic Products & Fertilizer

In the fall of each year, we offer cover crop seeds as well as cover crop recommendations to fit the needs of our farmers.  We offer assistance in application and termination as well as knowledge about NRSC cost-share programs.  We use Midwest Grass & Forage for the majority of our cover crop needs. 

We offer soil testing, fertility recommendation, and OMRI approved fertilizers for organic farmers.  We also assist in sourcing OMRI approved seeds and cover crops.  BCS provides a full consulting package for farmers who are currently in organic row crop production or any farmer looking to start the transition process into organic farming.  This includes, but is not limited to, soil testing and recommendations, cover crop and cash crop recommendations, certification paperwork, marketing, sourcing specialized machinery/set up, and farm visits.