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Obtaining soil balance is the single most important factor in regards to soil fertility. To achieve maximum yield there must be the proper amount of all nutrients in the soil at the correct balance to allow the plant to work at full capacity and provide proper plant balance.

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I've done business with BCS since they opened their new facility on Route 9--Arrowsmith--4 years ago. I know they've saved me money by finding early pre-pay deals on chemical and fertilizer.  I have seen a very good response to their soil sampling and VRT fertilizer applications on my fields. Yields have been excellent while nutrient dollars spent per acre have decreased.  Employees are very friendly and respectful, treating every field as if it was their own.  If you're not doing business with them I would encourage you to check them out. Brian Brucker Saybrook, IL
Our family has been working with BCS for 20 years.  We started off just wanting someone to soil test our ground.  We thought keeping our soil test separate from the person selling fertilizer would keep them true to their sales.  We have built a strong, honest relationship with Don and Nic through soil testing.  Don and Nic are very thorough and always want the best for a person’s farm operation.  When BCS expanded the business to chemical and fertilizer, we have expected nothing more than their expertise and honest opinion.  Over the 20 years, our soils have changed for the better and are producing up to our expectations.  Our landlords have even noticed the difference in their yields and are satisfied.  BCS has a great staff and is there to help your operation improve and work to its optimum potential. Double J Farms Pontiac, IL
I have used BCS, LLC for soil testing since it's inception.  Over the course of years I have had my soils tested yearly and have farmed ground that was tested by another service on a four year basis.  During these years my fertilizer costs using BCS, LLC have been lower, including the cost of yearly soil testing, plus soil health and productivity has increased.  BCS, LLC now has 100% of my fertilizer and chemical business because it is a high quality company I can trust.  They treat their clientele right. Richard Siems Melvin, IL
I switched to BCS, LLC several years ago, because I found out that I can do things with them that I could not do with the previous company. They have my best interest in mind when working with me. They aren't out to sell when you don't need something.    They have become my right-hand man for all my fertility and herbicide needs. I also get most of my seed from them as well. The soil testing/maps have saved me money over the last several years.  Being able to lock in and prepay for a product the right time of the year can save a lot as well.  Good honest people to work with. Daryl Haney Chenoa, IL
We have been working with BCS since 2009.  We are especially pleased with their soil testing program.  We found using variable rate application to apply fertilizer according to soil test results has been more economical, soils are more balanced, plus our yields have definitely increased.  We have also been very pleased with BCS outstanding customer service. Loren + Larry Harms Lexington, IL
I have been working with BCS since their inception.  Don is very knowledgeable and at the same time realistic in giving recommendations.  With BCS I feel comfortable that the fertilizer is being placed where it is needed.  Don is very comfortable to work with and is forward thinking.  I have enjoyed working with BCS ever since they have been in business. Roger Brown Fairbury, IL
I started with BCS, LLC primarily because of their soil testing program. Then they became involved with selling product which I felt held the competitors prices down in the area for both fertilizers and chemicals.  I have been with BCS for numerous years and I feel they have helped increase my bottom line and have done a good job balancing my soils.  J. Lincoln Roth Fairbury, IL
We like BCS's method of soil testing which is based on management zones, not square grids. That combined with their fertilizer prices allow us to maximize our fertilizer dollars.  BCS publishes their prices weekly--the same price for everyone, no games. R + R Farms Melvin, IL
BCS makes me feel confident that my bottom dollar is the priority when doing business.  I like working with a company who puts my best interest before their own.  Their pricing is not only competitive but the same for all customers they serve. Rodney Rhoda Normal, IL
I have been a customer of BCS since they started doing business. Their service has been great. Their prices are always competitive and with multiple locations now to serve us, it makes dealing with them even better! Aaron DeFries Gibson City, IL
Good service, good price, friendly people. Erv Fehr Fairbury, IL